Headlights To Fog Light Relay Wiring Diagram

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Headlights To Fog Light Relay Wiring Diagram - fog lights off with high beams on relay wiring diagram power 12v to the fogs lights passes through the normally closed contacts of the relay terminals 30 and 87a when the coil of the relay is energized 12v from the high beam switch to terminal 86 ground on terminal 85 the normally closed contacts open interrupting 12v to the fog lights span class news dt aug 02 2012 span nbsp 0183 32 splice a red wire from the headlight wire to the relay terminal 30 this line needs a 10 inline fuse so be sure and wire one in the final terminal on the relay is numbered 87 this terminal will carry power to the fog lights the fog lights each have two wires one for ground and one for the 12v power alternative fog or driving light schematic this hook up does away with the headlight l connection green wire connects directly to the battery to power switch relay l aiming loosen the stud or bolts securing the fog.
or driving l to the bracket to adjust the lights up or down how to wire fog lights drive the screw with the electric drill and socket use a short piece of 18 gauge wire with a solderless female spade connector on one end and a solderless ring terminal on the other place the relay mounting screw through the ring terminal before mounting the relay to how to wire up lights in your hotrod wiring up your lights doesn t have to be too plicated that s why so many people have trouble with dim headlights the easy way is to use relays so let s get to wiring the wiring diagram below will get you good bright lights without overloading the switches and wiring span class news dt jan 18 2015 span nbsp 0183 32 how to wire your led light bar using a relay by default this switch is open so current cannot get from the battery to your lights it connects to the positive side of your battery or to a switched.
power source that only gets power when your ignition is on without this current no mag ic force is created so the 30 to 87 switch stays open

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