Socapex Wiring Diagram

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Socapex Wiring Diagram - socapex diagram 19 pin circuit drawings wiring socapex are a type of electrical connectors known in the entertainment industry primarily for 19 pin electrical connectors the socapex was first created by a pany called socapex in 1961 but the term is now often applied to similar off brand connectors as a genericized trademark like showsafe span class sp pss sp pssl 21 rows span nbsp 0183 32 socapex wiring diagrams part numbers male panel mount sl d eme 419 ar female p div div class sa uc ul class b vlist li class b annooverride div class tabcap table thead class b theader tr th style width 189px scope col pin no th th style width 193px scope col circuit th th scope col color th tr thead tbody tr data exp h data exp noani 1 td style 1 td td style 1 td td style black td tr tr data exp h data exp noani 1 td style 2 td td style 1 td td style white td tr tr data exp h data exp noani 1 td style 13.
td td style 1 td td style green td tr tr data exp h data exp noani 1 td style 3 td td style 2 td td style black td tr tbody table a title class b morelink href http spstechnical socapex htm h id serp 5350 1 see all 21 rows on spstechnical a div li ul div div li orginally socapex was a brand of henol and still is however a number of generic equivalents are available in the market the furnished wiring diagrams illustrate the normal wiring connections for standard patibility p div class b factrow b twofr div class b vlist2col ul li div author douglas e greathouse div li li div author greathouse douglas e div li ul ul li div publish year 2018 div li ul div div div li span class news dt nov 20 2009 span nbsp 0183 32 19 pin socapex patible is what s being discussed dcat 12 14 is 14 conductors of 12 awg 12 18 is 18 conductors of 12 awg the debate about whether each circuit needs its own independent.
ground wire or if it s acceptable to gang all the grounds together has been continuing almost since the beginning of using that connector in our industry by i believe james thomas engineering span class news dt apr 17 2019 span nbsp 0183 32 i am trying to covert a few stage pin drop boxes to socapex ends so that i do not need to haul these giant boxes up and down when tours e in i opened the box up though and there is only one ground wire running in the cable and it is going to a bar in the box that the ground for each circuit is ing back to my question is how should i run this single ground into the socapex end do i pin 19 is unused or connected to the cable screen in a few rare cases it is generally thought to be a good idea to mon the earth conductors pins 13 to 18 inside each connector however this is not permitted in the us military aerospace industrial harsh or severe environments.
henol socapex offers rugged connectors solutions sl series the sl series consists of circular connectors for i o applications in industrial and entertainment markets the original 19 pin soca connector is a dedicated connector for stage lighting to power connection from span class news dt sep 20 2005 span nbsp 0183 32 pin 19 if used would either be tied in with all other grounding pins by way of grounding ring thus be active even if no wire is attached to it or there is some 19 conductor cables on the market in which pin 19 if used would be an equipment ground trying to attach a wire to the shell of the plug would be very hard unless old style socapex i have the diagrams somewhere but i am a little bit far away right now the standard we use is the same as entec and dobsons for ep5 in an 18 wire world you cannot do sense drive on all 4 ep5 channels so we do 2 with and 2 without.

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